Lush’s 2017 Halloween Collection Is A Necessity

Lush lovers look forward to the Halloween release every year and the limited-edition items like the Lord of Misrule bath bomb returns!Along with Lord of Misrule, other Lush Halloween favorites like the Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar and the Pumpkin Bath Bomb will be making their comeback.

Courtesy of Lush

Here’s what you should be adding to cart when the collection starts rolling out online on September 15th.

1Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb, $7.95

Courtesy of Lush

The Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb only available in the UK during February, so we are very happy to here about this making a comeback.

Speciality: a skin-softening jelly made from seaweed gets released.

2Secret Arts Jelly Bomb, $8.95

Courtesy of Lush

This bomb is filled with cinnamon, orange, and almond fragrances.

Speciality: After hitting the water, it reveals a red center.

3Bewitched Bubble Bar, $7.95

Courtesy of Lush

If you love cats this one is perfect for you!

4Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar, $7.95

Courtesy of Lush

5Hedgewitch Soap, $7.95

Courtesy of Lush

6Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub, $6.95

Courtesy of Lush

Speciality:Scented with orange peel wax, Sicilian mandarin oil, and spearmint.

7Black Rose Naked Lip Tint, $10.95

Courtesy of Lush

This lip tint looks very gothic, but once you apply it on your lips it transforms into a berry color.

The entire collection hits the site on September 15th.

In-store shoppers can get these spooky goodies on September 18th.

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