This Cute Tote is Gonna Help Save Bumblebees!

The U.S. listed a species of bumblebee as endangered this past January, we need to help preserve them because without the bumblebee our ecosystem is at stake, so here at Reality Galaxy we are bringing light to this bee-loving cause. P.S. Did you know what worker bees are female? 

Rayne MacPhee is an artist and hobby beekeeper from Charleston, South Carolina who has taken this fact and making it into a cute tote bag. Her hand-printed “all worker bees are female” totes are cute and also go to a great cause. 10% of each tote goes to The BeeCause Project, a non-profit that educates kids about bees.

Plus, each bag comes with a packet of wildflower seeds so you can also help save our bee-ffs.

Courtesy of Rayne McPhee

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