Tarte Cosmetics Is Coming Out With a Clay-Infused Palette!

Tarte Cosmetics always comes out with beautiful makeup products and they are about to come out with a new clay-infused makeup palette!  Tarte has been giving us a few hints of what could possibly be a new makeup palette last week and we’ve finally gotten a look at the new palette and from what we can tell the packaging is beautiful and sleek.

The tagline for Tarte Cosmetics new palette is “Slay with Clay,” so we have a feeling it’s going to feature their popular Amazonian Clay formula.



The packaging has a chevron pattern and a color combination, we do not have a look at the colors choices inside but once we do we will tell you guys about it!



We’ve gotten some black and white swatches, and that’s as much as we can say and see for right now. But from what we can see it looks like there will be a lot of different shades within the palette – at least 12, that look very creamy and pigmented and pop on all skin tones from what the photo from Tarte Cosmetics person instagram photo they put up.

Tarte Cosmetics always produce beautiful, long-lasting products and we are so excited to see this palette in person!

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