Do You Need Help Spring Cleaning? Where Here’s A Handy-Dandy Checklist!

Spring cleaning is upon us, for some people it will feel like they are finally able to breathe again from all of the de-cluttering but for the rest of us it will is something we dread because we just don’t know what we want or don’t want anymore and even if we know we haven’t worn that dress since last year…. WHAT IF WE WANT TO WEAR IT AGAIN?!! I always have to push myself to spring clean because I know I will appreciate the hard work I put into it in the long run but the process can still be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start, but guess what i have come up with a checklist to help get you started and stay on task.

The Basics

– Vacuum and rotate your mattresses
– Vacuum edges
– Vacuum the floors
– Do all of your laundry – including the bed sheets
– Clean washer and dryer
– Wash vents
– Mop the floors
– Disinfect light switches
– Disinfect door knobs
– Wash baseboards
– Spot clean walls
– Scrub showers, tubs and toilets
– Wash pillows
– Wash throw rugs
– wash bathroom counters
– Dust off all surfaces
– Dust corners and edges
– Clean appliances

Deep Cleaning

– Clean carpets
– Dust off fans and light bulbs
– Dust off the top of doors
– Wipe down doors
– Clean hearth and fireplace
– Dust off lampshades

Traditional Musts

– Deep clean oven
– Defrost freezer
– Switch out clothing
– Wash curtains
– Wash windows – in and out
– organize pantry
– Change furnace filters
– Wipe down and clean out refrigerator

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